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Sustainable forest management

Sneek Timber supports the sustainable development of forests in the areas where it operates. We are actively involved in certification processes in various woods as a participant or as a contributor.

It is Sneek Timber’s policy to support sustainable forest management by trading timber on a fair price basis. It should enable populations of countries with large forests reserves to derive a sustainable economic development with the continued existence of the forests.

It has been known that if countries do not receive a fair income from their forest resources that forests will be replaced by plantations, agriculture and other landuses.

It is also Sneek Timber’s policy to buy as much finished products in the country of origin as possible, leaving the added economic value to the forest owners.

Sneek Timber wishes to continue to develop trade with companies that have a long term view on their business and therefore adopt responsible practices with regard to forest reserves and sound development of local communities. Therefore Sneek timber urges its suppliers to watch out for illegally and irresponsibly obtained timber as set out by local government regulations.

Sneek Timber is a member of FSC The Netherlands since 1996 and is also certified by Keurhout and PEFC. And Sneek Timber is also a member of De Koninklijke Vereniging Van Nederlandse Houtondernemingen (VVNH). The VVNH is the umbrella organization of 259 wholesalers in wood, including branches in The Netherlands.

As an importer of wood we believe that Sneek Timber can contribute to the global desire for forest conservation.

On one hand we could spur the dialogue between the government, NGO's and producers. On the other hand, we could increase traceability by helping the local law to be responsible for forest management in order to create transparency. The process from tree to product starts with the identification of an area of ​​forest by a local government which is intended for forest management.