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A passion for wood for more than 80 years.

From under the smoke of Amsterdam Sneek Timber has grown and established a name in the wood industry. From an importer of the first hour to developer and manufacturer of innovative INTERNATIONAL timber for Indoor & Outdoor and Packaging wood.

A combination of in-depth knowledge of wood properties and applications, international relations and strong ties with its markets have resulted in customer relationships of more than 30 years. Customers benefit, day in and day out, from our knowledge and no / nonsense attitude to economic supply of wood products.

Wood is ECOLOGICALLY the most sustainable construction materials. It is recycled in a natural way, and the energy required to manufacture products with them is a fraction of the energy needed to make the same from other materials (plastics, metal, concrete). The best way ecological constructive and decorative products can be made, is by making them out of wood. In addition, the product should be, as much as possible, close to the source in order to be made by Western standards and norms. Therefore your own international presence in these countries is required.

Sneek Timber has established in the past 40 years, several strategic places in the world in order to control the sometimes complex supply problems and even more complex products in countries where the forest grows, making it sure that there is minimal waste transported. In the past two decades, this has resulted in offices in several countries and led to build a plant in China 15 years ago and one in the Ukraine 10 years ago.

In Europe, Sneek Timber provides its customers the benefit of stocking locations in the Netherlands (The Ilp, Putte), England (Manningtree, Nuneaton), Ukraine (Odessa). Outside of Europe, we have stocking possibilities at 5 locations in USA (NJ, TX, MD, CA, IL) and in China (Tianjin).

Sneek Timber is at the forefront regarding the optimization and transparency of forest to user. Moreover, since 1996, we have the most important certificates regarding sustainable forest management. It is, after all, the attention to this aspect that can ensure the increase of the importance of timber in the future.