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Ground & Waterworks

Sneek Hardwood is the distribution company for hardwood products for Ground & Waterworks industry.

Focused on Just-In-Time delivery within a 24/48 hour basis. Sneek Hardwood always has stock based on fixed specification, which are agreed upon in order to establish set conditions.

By removing supply issues associated with hardwoods, reduction of inventory by customers and precise shipment schedule, costs are kept lower in the final process. Depending on the service level a pallet can be ordered today and be delivered tomorrow at home or at work.


  • Just-In-Time delivery
  • 55.000m2 distribution
  • Specialist knowledge in woods
  • Quality control by network offices
  • Environmental certificates including FSC available
  • Funded network of factories and sawmills
  • Knowledge Support
  • First-class machines for profiling
  • Own quality in home country
  • Strict selection of wood species per application
  • Double quality for delivery in Netherlands
  • 80 years experience

"Delivery how you want, when you want it "

Product range

  • Sheet pilling
  • Beams
  • Pole and piling wood
  • Screens
  • Piles
  • Decking
  • Construction wood
  • Pickets