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Environment & Certifications

Sneek Timber supports the sustainable development of forests in the regions where it operates. Sneek Timber is actively involved in certification processes in various woods as a participant or as a contributor.

Sneek Timber has been a member of FSC Netherlands since 1996 and is also certified by Keurhout and PEFC.

All timber imported by Sneek Timber. is 100% EUTR approved. The EUTR aims to close down markets for uncontrolled/illegal logging by ensuring that the EU imports only timber products that are produced in accordance with national laws of the originating country. It applies to timber & timber-based products that are produced both within the EU and those that are imported into Member States from outside the EU.

Following European legislation the Dutch government has issued a directive, BRL, to which sustainable timber and timber must meet.

Sneek Timber uses, where available and appropriate, timber with these certificates: