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Sneek Timber is part of an international network of manufacturers and distribution centers specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing raw wood into finished products.

Years of experience and many specialists in wood, production and distribution area ensure , for almost 80 years, stable relationships with professional and industrial customers.

For the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and England, Sneek Timber has distribution centers with more than 65.000 m2 and processing facilities for custom made products.

Sneek Timber specializes in manufactured wood and wood products in Europe, Russia, Africa, South East Asia & South America, for durable outdoor structures, waterworks, packaging solutions, garden products and flooring products. By guaranteeing a strong network of factories, Sneek Timber has direct supply source in accordance with international standards. The distribution centers provide optimal supply according to most economic concepts of supply chain management, including JIT (Just-In-Time) and VMI (Vendor Managed Inventories). The logistics department of Sneek Timber makes any collaboration with First Class Logistics Service for punctual delivery within predetermined times.

We take our moral obligations toward the forest, the indigenous people & wildlife very seriously and where possible promote using timber from certified sources. Sneek Timber takes a stand against uncontrolled/legal logging and all our timber imported is 100% EUTR approved.

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